GALIANT Consulting provides consulting and training services in the field of corporate travel management. We are located in Hamburg, Germany, focusing on the Europe, Asia- Pacific and North America.

Our approach is grounded in the traditional, highly defined and transparent procurement value chain. What sets us apart from others is our deep industry knowledge and the integration of traditional travel management principles with modern procurement principles. GALIANT Consulting and its CEO Mr. Andreas J.G. Wellauer have been at the forefront of innovation in our industry for over a decade.

The most important aspect in corporate travel is the understanding that it is a very emotive category and decisions have impact not only of procurement and finance but also on corporate security, HR obligations, legal and insurance aspects. We provide best-in-class solutions that consider all these aspects.

GALIANT Consulting is an independent consulting company and has no relation or affiliation with any suppliers in the market. We offer innovative solutions, short-term consulting, periodic engagements and training. Our guiding principle is the unwavering integrity to our work, clients, suppliers and the industry as a whole.

GALIANT Consulting

Andreas J. G. Wellauer to present at London Business Travel Show 2015.